Give Me a “P”

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I have the great privilege of leading the children’s ministry at my local church. One of my favorite things to do is lead worship. We love to sing classics and right now one of the songs our kids love to sing is called “Give Me A “J””  I love it too.

“Give me a “J”

“J” You’ve got your “J” you’ve got your “J”

“Give me an “E”

“E” You’ve got your “E” you’ve got your “E”

And as we sing and shout out the name of Jesus we are reminded that there is no other name like it anywhere in heaven or on earth. I love the catchy-ness of songs to help me learn and remember and I use that method in lots of areas of my life. For the past several years, I have been using alliterations, acronyms and rhymes to help me remember the things I want to pray for my sons, my leaders, the kids in our ministry and our church.  So to remember 4 things I am currently praying for right now, in my head is the line of this little song, “Give me a “P!” “P!” You’ve got your “P” you’ve got your “P!” Okay, so maybe that’s all there is to my song, but it moves me to P-ray the following things for those I love.

Passion–Luke 10:27a is perhaps my favorite P-assion verse, and it’s so simple, really, really it is!! Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul, with all your strength and all your mind. I am praying for a P-assion for God and for the things of God to consume us.

Pleasure–Ephesians 1:5-6 tells us that God predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his
P-leasure and will. So I’m P-raying for us to have a correct understanding of what it means to become His children in accordance with His P-leasure and to learn and choose to live in such a way that our hearts, our words and our actions are P-leasing to Him.

Purity–Psalm 51:10 reveals the Psalmist asking God to create in him a P-ure heart and renew a steadfast spirit in him. It has been my P-rayer for years that as my boys grew up and dated that they would make P-urity a P-riority, but not just a physical P-urity but that they would be pure in thoughts, words, and actions including what they would choose to watch, read and listen to.

Purpose–Matthew 28:19-20 reminds me that we are called to go and make disciples and so I P-ray that we will be faithful to our
P-urpose as we bring glory to God by going out and sharing our testimony of how the God of the universe has saved us, changed us, redeemed us, and called us to go where He sends that others may know Him and His P-urpose for their lives as well.

If you would like to P-rovide what you do to help P-repare your P-assion to make P-rayer your P-urpose for God’s Pleasure. P-ost it below or send it me P-rivately. Till then. . .keep P-raying, becasue we know that P-rayer is P-owerful!

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