Gonna Fly Now

Today I had the privilege/pleasure of spending the morning with our local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. We were talking about patience. Not only patience in our parenting, but in our everyday lives. Patience in the grocery store line, in our cars, with our husbands and with ourselves. We seemed to agree that self control (along with our level of quality sleep, good diet and time in the Word) has a huge impact on our level of patience. Our women agreed that while we can from time to time lose patience with others, we are often more likely to lose patience with ourselves and then take that frustration out on those around us. We seem to be hardest on ourselves and the preconceived ideas of what the perfect woman, wife or mother must be. And we feel defeated.

Begin the Rocky theme song in your head now. . . .

Enter the Fly Lady. Gonna fly now. . . . Her little system of home and life management will have you flying before you know it. Soaring even. . . I didn’t stumble across The Fly Lady until later in my life, yet she has been a blessing to me in many ways. When I think about things I wish I had known about when we were first setting up house, her site is one of them. (Of course we didn’t have home computers back then!) The Fly Lady has taught me skills, tricks, tips, and routines which allow me to keep up, keep order, keep peace and keep blessings flowing in and out of our home. Flyin high now. . . . She reminded me that I didn’t have to be perfect, but that it was possible to take care of your home, your kids and your husband imperfectly and still be a blessing! She taught me that you can fail, and pick yourself up and start again, and that on those days or weeks when you come up short, you don’t have to just roll over and quit.Gonna Fly. . . . She told me those things I’m pretty sure my mom told me, or tried to tell me, but that I was too stubborn at the time to listen to. (Ya hear that mom? I know you tried!) Fly. . .Fly. . . Not only did she give me the attitude I needed, she shared with me the where, when, hows and whys of keeping my house. Everything from shining my sink to tieing my shoes to swishing, swiping and rubba scrubbing.

So into my parenting toolbox the flylady goes. Into my life’s tool box she goes and if by chance, this sounds like a tool you’ve been looking for, check it out http://www.flylady.net Gonna Fly Now!

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