Puttin On a Few Extra Pounds

Today is one of those days you just gotta love. You’re just reading along in your Bible, or a Bible, or your tablet or your app, or whatever it is you use and KAPOW! you see something you never saw before! Today that thing had to do with pounds! Now, thankfully they were not pounds as in the kind I tend to put on and take off on a continuous cycle. Nope, these were pounds of spices.

My New Testament readings have me strolling through the book of John, and I absotootinlutely love that I have hit the Easter story section right as we are moving into the Easter season!!! Although it seems as though most days my brain hasn’t really been learning any new facts, my heart has been learning a ton. But today, well, today, that’s all changed. Because today I saw something I had never noticed before. . . . .


Yeah, seventy-five pounds, and some translations say one hundred!!! Either way, that’s a whole lot of spices! Nicodemas and Joseph of Arimathea were hauling them them to to the tomb after Jesus’ death. You might remember that J.O.A had been a secret disciple of Jesus, and ole Nick at Night, well he didn’t really want anyone knowing he had questions about all this born again stuff either. But here they were, the two of them, wth Pilate’s permission, using their own resources to take Jesus’ body, place it in a tomb and begin to prepare it for burial.

Now, no matter how you shake it, 75 pounds is a lot of anything to carry around. And yet, these once secret followers, are headed right out of town carrying the spices and cloths necessary to lay Jesus to rest–but this would be no permanent rest. We all know that He was just going to be resting for a few days before He would, in His mighty power, rise from the dead, folding up His dirty laundry and rollin that rock like it had never been rolled before.

And the interesting question is, “Why in the word did they need so many spices?” Well, they didn’t. Not really. Some experts believe that may have been enough spices to bury up to 200 people. But. . . .and this is a big but. . . .if you were somebody important, somebody special, somebody of royalty, like maybe a king, then you got a lot of spices. Sometimes 75-100 pounds of spices!!!! How cool is that?!

I love that they got it! Nick and Joe got it! They knew He was King. They knew He was the Messiah, and what’s more, they responded accordingly with their hearts, time and resources. Although they didn’t exactly know how, I believe they knew they would be seeing Him again. My prayer today from this 75 pound nugget of Scripture is that I would live my life, and that you would live yours, in the same manner. Like Joseph of Arimathea and the infamous Nicodemus, once we figure out for ourselves who Jesus is, that we would respond to that truth with all of our heart, our time and our resources every day until we see Him again.

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