Spinning Class


So my good friend, Tara, is a spinning class diva. She loves to spin. She invites me to spin with her. She spins with others. She leads spinning classes, and she and the people in her classes are seeing great results. However,  I, her good friend, Ms Dawn, am not a spinning class diva. I do not spin. I don’t spin alone or with others, and so obviously I’m not seeing any great results.

Tara’s probably the reason I can’t get the concept of spinning out of my head. When I started thinking about a spinning blog post, I googled spinning and found results for everything from spinning wheels, to stationary bikes, to the “no spin zone.” But as I thought about spinning, my mind was spinning in another direction. My mind was still pondering how in the world I had kept from being alarmed when I received my son’s “no cause for alarm” text last week. You see, I know there was a time when a text that said, “Mom, there’s no cause for alarm but I’m in the hospital” (in a foreign country), I would have thought, “Are you crazy??!!! Of course there is cause for alarm!!! And I need to be sounding it!!!”  (See previous blog post if you have lost your way on the path we’re on here)

This week I realized that I’m not the reactionary alarmist I used to be. Which is awesome!! How and when in the world did that happen? Since I started taking spinning classes!!  No, it’s not my friend Tara’s spinning, but rather my friend, Jesus’ spinning. As He teaches me,  leads me, molds me and guides me, He’s been been spinning my fears into trust, my insecurities into confidence, my anxieties into peace and my hopelessness into hope.

He has been spinning my old into new (2 Corinthians 5:17). He has shown me that my salvation comes from spinning my heart (repentance) and resting in Him (faith), and that strength comes from quietness and trust (Isaiah 30:15) not from freaking out and sounding alarms. In fact, the more I’ve thought about it the more my heart fills with gratitude for His spin on my life. Like a fitness center class, the Lord’s spinning classes make me sweat,  cause me some pain,  make me groan, and occasionally wear me out a bit. But as we press on together, I know I can trust His leading is producing in me great results like a stronger spiritual heart and body ready to take on the good works He has planned in advance for me to do (Ephesians 2:10) and to keep my heart from being troubled (John 14:1) when trials and alarming news may come my way.

So, to my friend Tara: I may still not be ready for a spinning class, but I sure am glad that we have both signed on for the one Jesus is teaching, and I’m thankful for the spin He has added to both of our lives.

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