It’s Time to Play

I can’t wait to teach tomorrow. In part because this lesson already includes the very things I have been studying in my devotions, but also because I just love to teach and Acts 3-4 has all the elements of a great lesson. There are heroes, miracles, enemies, crowds, jail, confusion–all great stuff for a great Bible story lesson (or a great story of any kind for that matter). I’m excited to have HiSKidZ help me teach as they take on the rolls of Peter, John, the lame man, the Pharisees and yes, the crowd (everyone gets a part this week, WooHoo!) We are going to learn as we play. We are going to put on a play as part of what we learn. We are going to play into our strengths, play up our best assets, and as we do these things we are going to be playing a role in God’s big story.

Play is an important part of learning, and it is also an important part of teaching. Today I was thinking about how an ancronym for play helps me each week as I get ready for teaching times.

P–Pray and Prepare — The first two things I need to do as I get ready to teach. My boss reminds us regularly that “failure to prepare is to prepare to fail.”
L–Learn and Lead — It’s not enough to just teach or lead, I need to be learning. Great teaching is simply passionately passing on what you have learned to those in your classroom. I lead best to the places I have already been.
A–Absorb, Adapt and Accentuate — As I take in what God wants HiSKidZ to learn, He shows me how to adapt it to their level, allowing me to accentuate the truth they need to take home in the pocket of their hearts.
Y–Yield and Yea! — Of course then I need to yield to His leading and finish off with a great Yea! Praisallujah! Thank you, Jesus! Great lesson prep ends in praise and thanksgiving to the One who allows me to serve Him each week.

I have always loved how tucked inside this passage Luke tells us how the rulers and elders acknowledged Peter and John as “unschooled, ordinary men. . . and they (the leaders) were astonished and took note that they had been with Jesus.” And I love how these same words could be said today of Bible teachers across the globe as they take “time to play” before they teach HiSKidZ everywhere each week.

C’mon Bible teachers: It’s Time to Play

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