Mouthguards for Kids

So what’s a girl to do when someone asks her to make a blog post kid sized? Well, make it kid sized, what else? This morning I wrote about how my mouth sometimes needs a little “changing of the guard.” (see previous blog post) Now I wanted to find another way I could make this all important truth kid sized? And sure, I know I could use the changing of the guard thing, but I kind of had another idea. So . . .

Let’s go with a mouthguard object lesson? Something like this maybe?

Start with your basic soccer mouthguard. If you don’t have one, or don’t want to go buy one, you probably have a kid or twenty in your church who will have one you could borrow. (Sanitize first, please!) I would probably get my own so I could put it in my mouth and talk all jibberishy with it in my mouth. Then say something like this. . .

“Hey, who knows why we wear mouthguards? Y’know, like what are those things for, anyway?”

They will probably say things like, “to keep your teeth from breaking,” or “to protect your mouth when you play sports,” or “my orthodontist and my mom say I have to!”

So you say, “Exactly. Mouthguards protect you. Wearing one will help keep you safe. Smart people know this.

And, King David knew how smart that was, too. In the book of Psalms, chapter 141 verse 3, he even asked God to put a guard over his whole mouth. And even though we might wear a mouthguard to keep something from going in our mouth, David wanted to be sure that his mouth was protected from anything that might come out of it. He didn’t want unkind words, bad language, or lies to come through his flower garden. Flower garden? What flower garden? Who said anything about a flower garden? . . . .Well he had two lips, didn’t he?” Bahahahahaha!!! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

After the kids regain control from their fits of laugher, you can finish up with, “And what’s really cool about wearing a spiritual mouthguard is that it doesn’t just protect us, it’s protects others. When we guard what we say, we are helping, not hurting others. We are building them up and encouraging them, just like God wants us to. So what about you? Will you take the mouthguard challenge? Let’s agree today to put on our spiritual mouthguard before we go out and get in “God’s game” every day, whether that’s at school, home, church–wherever we go, let’s ask God to put a guard over our mouth like King David did.”

And then pray it out. . . . .

And that’s my kid sized blog post for today:)

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