She’s So Smart

I hope to make this a short blog today, keeping in mind short for me and short for other people may not be the same thing, lol, after all I am almost 6 feet tall. But the blog is not about my stature, and I’m burning daylight.

Today, I want to share with you a quote I heard spoken from the lips of Kay Arthur this week on a Focus on the Family broadcast Wednesday night. I was driving over to a small group I lead. I hadn’t plan to hear a FOTF broadcast, I admit I’m not a regular listener–the radio just happened to be on and this woman was speaking–her story was pretty gripping. It was obvious I had missed quite a bit (turned out it was part two, and part two was half done) but suddenly she said these words about our culture today,

“the average Christian doesn’t study the works of God; they study the works of men, and get a second hand theology.”

And my immediate thought was, “She’s so smart!”

And she is. In fact, the woman turned out to be Kay Arthur, and Kay Arthur is more than smart, she is wise. And if you know your Bible, you know that wise is even better than smart, because wise is knowing how to use God’s heart to apply your smart. Kay Arthur knows God’s word, her life has been transformed by God’s word, and she is being used to bring transformation to others through God’s word. We would be wise to listen to her and apply what she is saying to us.

No doubt it’s easier to read a book, a blog, a tweet or a post, and it’s easier to listen to a telecast, broadcast, or podcast but the transformation is going to come when we start digging, and studying, and memorizing and applying the absolute truth of God’s word.

And if you need any help in starting that great adventure, talk to your church, talk to a friend, talk to me, and most of all, talk to God, and let Him teach you and change your life forever. Now that’s smart.

To hear her story you can check it out at Focus on the Family by clicking the links here:{DA8F5638-D4B1-4E62-AAD9-A82502CC66EC} part one{84923435-8F51-4AE4-8501-E677489A50F3} part two

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