Falling Rock

Today, our youngest son and I took a drive from the Spokane Valley in Washington State over the rockies, through Idaho ending up in Missoula, Montana, where we had an outdoor lunch at one of our favorite BBQ chains, Famous Daves–YUM! It just so happnes I have stolen away for a few days to visit said youngest son where he is doing an internship in children and family ministry at Valley Real Life church. The folks I have met so far have been fabulous to us. They have been loving, kind, generous, encouraging and tons of fun to get to know. There are some great things going on in that place and in the community, and I have been blessed to get just a peek at some of the stuff God is doing here.

Several people suggested to us that we should take the drive that we took today. Actually, more than several. So we decided to “follow the Wild Goose” as Batterson calls it, and off we went on our God adventure. And of course, God did not disappoint. The fact that I got to spend a full 7 hours with my 21 year old son chatting and catching up was awesome enough. But when we took “the road less traveled” and found what we think is a bear footprint (and thankfully no bear) that was even better. Along the route we passed through several places where we saw these warning signs along the road with a picture of a car getting pummelted with rocks (how creative is that–see picture above), and we both chuckled a bit. Sort of a “Really? Is that how you warn someone?” And then we got back to chatting it up, not too concerned about getting pummelted with rocks ourselves.

Then as we returned to our home base for the night, I asked God, “So, what should I have seen today that I may have missed?” Immediately my mind went to those signs. Those signs that I completely ignored. Those signs I kind of chuckled at. The slightly dramatic ones, that seemed a bit too obvious. Those signs that are like God’s signs to us. There are so many things He gives us warnings about. Things like kindness, generosity, purity, greed, sacrifice, and commitment. He warns us about what is coming ahead and how to respond when difficulties arise. He lets us know that we need to be alert and on the watch so that we aren’t caught off guard when a dangerous situation comes our way. Recently HiSKidZ at our church memorized John 16:33 which says,

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

God is warning us that we are going to have trouble. There are going to be figurative times in our lives of falling rocks zones. Yet, because of His great love for us, God prepares us and warns us. But we, like my son and I did on our trip, look at the warnings with a chuckle and continue on our way. We don’t give heed to what lies ahead, those who have gone before us, or the One who is the ultimate authority working to protect us and keep us safe as we travel our route until we arrive home.

I think God wanted me to see that I need to have my eyes open not only to His warnings and signs, but also to my response to them, and ultimately to Him–the One who places them in my path for my good and His glory.

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