The Wedding Miracle

Tonight we had the great privilege of attending the wedding of a young couple in our area. The minister, a friend of ours, used “the wedding miracle” passage as the beginning of the wedding message. The wedding miracle . . . that’s what we call it. Y’know it’s that story in John 2 where Jesus turns the water into wine at the wedding. There are so many good things in this story, but I had to wonder where Mark was going with this one in our room of mostly non drinkers. Was he really going to suggest we needed some wine at this wedding??

No, that’s not where he was headed at all. Instead, Mark used a mom quote. Maybe the best mom quote ever. I mean EVAH!!!! After Jesus’ mom lets Him know that the family has no more wine. She tells the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” Sermon basically done.

That was the advice. “Do whatever He tells you.” And what awesome wedding advice it is. I mean, seriously, if each of us, in our marriages, simply lived each day, “doing whatever He tells us,” our marriages and our families and our lives, and our world would never be the same again.

Simply profound. “Do whatever He tells you.” Could it be that easy? Yeah, I think so.

So thanks, Evan and Kati for including us in your special day. Thanks, Mark, for speaking the Word so clearly. And thanks, Mary, for being an advice giving mom, speaking this little piece of instruction, which if followed, could become the real wedding miracle.

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