Like My Daddy Always Says

Although my dad is a pretty great guy, I can’t say that remember too many things that he said that have stuck in my mind. (No offense, dad) He’s just not a words guy. He’s an action guy. I remember, instead, the things that he has done. Things like helping others, fixing just about anything, watching Laverne and Shirley and laughing until we had tears in our eyes, dancing with me at my wedding, encouraging me as a stay at home mom, and keeping his commitment of faithfulness with my mom for the past 56 years. But this post isn’t about my dad, it’s about another dad. You see, I’ve been reading through the book of Proverbs and I didn’t get very far before I imagined someone sitting and sharing these bits of wisdom from their daddy.

Although you won’t find these words in the Scriptures I’ve referenced, these are the way I’ve been hearing them in my head as I read. (Yeah, I know hearing voices in your head can be a little risky, but here goes. . . )

It’s like my daddy always says,

“Be sure to listen to your momma and me.” Ch. 1 Verse 8

“If someone tries to bait you, swim away.” Ch. 1 Verse 10

“You gotta look for wisdom like a treasure. . . cuz it is one.” Ch. 2 Verse 2

“If you find it, you will understand the things of God, and when you understand the things
of God, just about everything else will make sense.” Ch. 2 Verse 4-5

“Don’t just listen to your momma and me, remember what we say. It’ll make all the difference
in the world.” Ch. 3 Verse 1

“Trust in the Lord, not in yourself. Give Him the credit and He’ll show you what you need to
know and where you need to go.” Ch. 3 Verse 4-5

“Never forget your money is really His money. He’s just letting you take care of it for Him. So
take good care of it.” Ch. 3 Verse 9

“Don’t get all rattled when the Lord disciplines you—He does it cuz He loves you, just like I do.”
Ch. 3 Verse 11

“If someone deserves good, give it to them. If someone needs something and you have it, give
it to them. In other words, be a generous with whatever you have, cuz whatever you have, you got it from God.”
Ch. 3, Verse 27

“Pay attention now, I’m talkin to you.” Ch. 4 Verse 1

“Guard your heart, your life is there.” Ch. 4 Verse 23

“Your mouth is not a dump, so get the trash out of it.” Ch. 4 Verse 24

“Keep your eyes on the target.” Ch. 4 Verse 25

“Some risk is good. Some is stupid. Know the difference. It will keep your feet on the path.” Ch. 4
Verse 27

“Flat out, there are some things the Lord DOES NOT LIKE. Don’t do them.” Ch. 6:16-19

“When you brain tells you, “Let’s not go down that path,” make sure your feet are listening.
Ch. 7 Verses 7-8

And so it goes. As I read through the book of Proverbs, I hear the loving voice of my Daddy/Father leading, teaching, talking, warning, encouraging and showing me the way to go, and as I put His wisdom into practice, I hope someday to hear my sons say, “Like my momma always says. . . . .”

What’s your favorite Proverb or piece of advice from your dad? I’d love to have you share it here.

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