What’s In A Game?

I love a good game. In fact, as I sit typing out this post the Raiders and the Chargers have just begun to battle it out, but I’m not talking about that kind of game. I’m talking about the kinds of games we play with our kids—at home, at church or at school.

And the thing I love about being a Christian and teaching and playing games is that it is so cool to play a game and help kids to see God in it. Sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch, but when I see their faces grasp and then remember the truth of God through the game we play, it takes my enthusiasm level to well, to a whole new level.

Yesterday was one of those immensely great, uncommonly simple days at church. Ha! Okay, it was crazy, but we did some really simple things and it made for a great day. One of those things was to play Limbo! Yes, Limbo! How low can you go?

And, no, we weren’t just playing Limbo because our guest speaker went over (he didn’t, not at all, not even one minute). We did it because we were learning about RESPECT. The game of Limbo helped to reinforce the truth that God is to be respected and He is higher than all of us. We need to be sure that we don’t make ourselves higher than Him. We can show respect when we make ourselves smaller and keep God is in His right place over us. In the game of Limbo if you hit the stick you are out. But in life, God’s grace is like another round of the game. The God of 2nd chances is always willing to let us back in the game.How cool is that? Well, when you are 8–it’s waaayyyyyy cool!

We’ve played some doozies through the years—all simple things that teach us about God’s character or our response to Him–all things that are some of our HiSKidZ favorites.
For example:

The “Stare Wars” Game—Kids pair up and have stare down contests to remind us to focus on Jesus and not to get distracted.

Thumb Wars—We may just battle with our thumbs, but Joshua and the Israelites battled it out in the Promised Land.

The Jumping Game—This variation of the running long jump reminds us that our sin separates us from God and that we can try to get back to Him, but without Jesus help we can’t make it across the big divide.

The Color Game–We take this game from the old roller rink game. At church we have kids run from color to color while the music plays. When the music stops, we choose a color. If you are on that color, you are out. Using the colors of the wordless book allows us to teach an evangelism tool or salvation message into your game. Putting something created on each of the days from the creation account in Genesis at each color allows us to review what we have taught about God’s awesomeness in creation.

Oh! And there are so many more. . . . but. . .

There’s just not enough room here to write them all out, but I will try to add more in the coming days to the KidZMenu page. As I think about some of our favorites, I’m reminded again of how awesome God is. I love how He continues to make Himself known to us in the most basic of ways. What’s in a game? Sometimes it’s God, Himself.

Got any games you play with your kids that reveal the character of God? I’d love to hear what they are. Feel free to post them below. Your favorite game might just be my new game next Sunday. In fact, you’re favorite game might just help a kid see God in a new way for the very first time!

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