Time for Me to Fly

At our last Monday Night for Moms, we shared the Flylady’s tips for Cruising through the Holidays. The missions have started and I’d hate for any of you who want to get on board to miss the flight.

Flylady, Marla Cilley, and her crew have come up with a great little planner and some helpful videos to get you started on holiday planning now so that when December comes, “All will be calm and all will be bright.” Well, at least it should be calmer and brighter. People are putting undue amounts of stress on themselves these days to get everything done and done in a way that somehow looks like it should be Pinterested. We are losing our joy and purpose, and it is time to redeem this season–and all the others.

I like to say sometimes that although I am called to die to myself for the cause of Christ, He never asked me to kill myself. We need to remember our first purposes of loving God and loving people, and move the other things to the back of the plane. Don’t get me wrong, the other things can still fly (well, there are baggage limits y’know, but that’s another post), but those things don’t get to take priority over the things that really matter.

Anyway, you can jump into the Flylady’s missions at her webpage http://www.flylady.net Just scroll down and click on the “Cruising through the holiday” picture. Starting your control journal is easy breezy, and with just about 15 minutes a day you can find yourself with the time you need to start flying first class in your relationships with God and others and still have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Gonna Fly Now!

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