The Lesson of the Broken Glass Jello

I am on this journey back through all the things I’ve learned in children’s ministry and today while making jello for our Thanksgiving mini feast, I was reminded of one of THE BEST THINGS God has ever taught me. Now this is not just a kidmin thing. This is a life thing. Here’s it is, or as we say in children’s church, “Open your hand and get ready cuz I’m going to give you something you need to hold on to!”

God is simply in everything. Yeah. That’s it. Hope you aren’t too underwhelmed. But that is a powerfully simple truth. God’s presence, His evidence, His Spirit is at work all around us reminding us of who He is and all He has called us to. So in your ministry or in your parenting or in your teaching or in your day to day life, be looking for God in everything, and then share it. A couple of weeks ago it was body parts in a jar. This week it’s jello.

Yeah, jello:

But not just any ordinary jellow. This is Broken Glass Jello. It’s a fun and simple recipe where you take multiple colors of jello, cut them into squares and then mix them together in a pan and cover them with some more plain jello mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Throw it in the fridge, let it do it’s jello-y thing and when it comes out it is BE-YU-TI-FUL! It looks like pieces of broken colored glass! And the thing is, there’s a BE-YU-TI-FUL lesson in there as well. Each one of us is a bit broken, yet beautiful, in our own way. But when put together in the body of Christ, held together by the bond of His Spirit, well then we become something really beautiful. Kids will eat it up–the jello and the object lesson.

Sometimes in teaching you just need to chuck the curriculum for a few minutes, days, weeks, or years–yeah I said that. And let God be your curriculum. (When I start marketing curriculum someday I may deny I said this!) We serve a super creative God who has promised to remind us of everything we have been taught. So never forget to just open your eyes and take a good look around you to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Rely on God more than a book. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Don’t forget to remember the joy in discovering and sharing the awesomeness of God found in your own day to day adventures with him.

And yes, you can have the recipe. I found it from “The Food Librarian.” You can check it out here.

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