Vitamin D-ilemma

This morning at church one of our elders, who happens to be a doctor, gave us a little free medical advice. We need to be getting our Vitamin D. The point of our free medical advice was this: if you aren’t getting your sunshine, then you need to be taking yourself a supplement, because we need this Sunshine Vitamin to grow strong and be healthy. I take one of those little pills, every day. No sunshine? No worries–take a pill. It’s the remedy to our deficiency. Now, there may have been more on this, but I missed it when we dismissed for our Junior Worship session and I was busy lowering a cardboard cutout of my son down from the roof in order to teach HiSKidZ that friends work together to bring other friends to Jesus. Anyway. . . .

The application on this one is pretty easy. We need the SON! Not only are there problems in the U.S. because we aren’t getting enough sun, we are also facing some pretty big issues because of our lack of exposure to the SON. Even though the sun is still shining every day, there are things (like sunscreen, work or too much time spent indoors) that block our exposure to it. The same is true with Christ. He is still shining every day. But “things” block our exposure to Him. And it’s causing some pretty big problems. Individuals, families, and truth are being compromised. Fear is on the rise, and hope is in a downward spiral, and people are spiritually dying. We need to get back into the SON because there is no pill that is going to take the place of Jesus. He is the remedy to our deficiency. So if you are finding yourself suffering some of the effects of a lack of SON SHINE, today is the perfect day to spend sometime soaking Him in.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

And that’s my free advice for you for today!

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