If I Could Only Bottle That

Things We Love About Ms DawnHa-ha! God has just been surprising me all over the place lately. Generally I’m the one who is in charge of the surprises, secret little blessings, etc. and lately I’ve been on the receiving side of those things, and I have to admit it’s been shaking me up a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like it! I’m just not used to it. And today I was blessed to finish up church to find a couple of little Christmas gift bags on my desk. It was a crazy, good day in the children’s department (I trust the big people had it so good!) and so I scooped up my packages and headed home to make a quiche and muffins for my hungry hair cut getting family.

gabys's giftWe finished lunch, started the dishes and settled down for some football. We were rounding what son #2, Trevor, calls “nap-thirty” when I remembered the packages in my car. I hustled out to get them and started with the smallest– a tiny, sparkly handmade package filled with a mini hand sanitizer and made by my super crafty, tea drinking friend, Gaby. I’m always in awe of not only her mad crafting skills, but the ginormous amount of love she puts into each and every one of her creations. Needless to say, I was blessed beyong measure.

Next I opened a “super cute” bag from my friend, Chris and her family. To say this gift was the perfect fit would be an understatement as Chris gifted me with something called “Total Cluster Fudge–cuz friends don’t let friends eat fruitcake!” The name alone is a great gift! Basically it is a jar of “rich, chewy blonde and chocolate caramel brownie with layers of chocolate sauce, white chips and m&ms!” Yikes! It came with it’s own spoon and all you have to do is dig in! However, after eating it, I believe nothing will be a perfect fit for a while. While I don’t see Chris as often as I used to, I love how she remembers the little things that make me smile. Chris's gift

I reached for the final bag and pulled out the rhinestone topped jar shown above labeled “Things We Love About Ms Dawn.” Well, who wouldn’t love that? A jar full of affirmation! It appears my friend Amy, and a couple other of my friend/volunteers, got HiSKidZ together and had them write on little slips on paper things they like about me. It was quite revealing. Apparantly I have much better hair than I realized, way cooler clothes than I realized and found out that my teaching and music times really are reaching kids hearts. As I thought about my 3 gifts today I realized that none were expensive but all three are priceless–because they are gifts of love. Today after coming off a week of the flu, this crazy, good day of teaching, and a feeling of being in a state of perpetual behindedness, God reached down and reminded me that He loves me, and He did that in the simplest of ways–through those around me. It reminded me of something my mom used to say, “Now, if you could only bottle that. . . .” and I realize that is exactly what we need to do. Acts of love, encouragement and kindness need to be multiplied, reproduced and shared at every opportunity!

I love how Gaby gave me a gift of bottled sanitizer which reminds me how God protects me from the dangers of this world. Chris gave me a bottled brownie which reminds me of how God is my comfort and the giver of all good things, and Amy and HiSKidZ gave me a jar of love which, according to Scripture, pretty much covers everything else! And it doesn’t get much better than this–“I like your dance moves and thank you for the pickles!” I love my job and those I am blessed to do it with! Now to share with someone else the, “if I could only bottle it,” gift of love God shared with me today!

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