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buck denverBuck Denver, man of news, comes into our children’s church classes each week to share the good news of Jesus. Created by Veggie Tales founder, Phil Vischer, Buck, is part of a team of characters who are helping kids see the big picture of God, His Word and His salvation story.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at a Children’s Ministry Expo in St Louis with my friend, Deb. It really was a great day and I “gleaned” some valuable things from several of the presenters. (I’m very into “gleaning” these days–no doubt because I’ve been teaching about Ruth!) But I digress! No doubt, however, the highlight of my day was the chance to hear Phil Vischer speak.

As I shared above, you may know Phil Vischer as the man behind Veggie Tales, and he shared with us that perhaps that was part of the problem and the reason for the downfall of the Veggie Empire. Although Big Idea was doing great things for God, they may not have been doing the great things of God.

Vischer said that the organization continued to move on doing good things by making the videos, but often went into greater endeavors anticipating God to bless because they were doing these good things. But God didn’t. He shared these couple of things that resonated in my heart.

1) In the Bible, when God’s people didn’t know what to do, they waited. They sought God until He told them what to do. They didn’t just keep going waiting for God to show up. We on the other hand, tend to just work harder and longer to the point of burnout seeing worldly success as the goal.

2) God didn’t let Vischer’s dreams fall apart because He didn’t love him.  He let them fall apart because He loved him. We often get that backwards because the dream becomes bigger than the One who gave us the ability to dream.

3) God doesn’t deal in quantity. He deals in obedience. Bigger isn’t always better. Obedience is always better.

4) Our ministries don’t come from programs and events and plans. Our ministries come from the love of God in us pouring out and splashing onto those we minister to. You can say that again.

4) Our ministries don’t come from programs and events and plans. Our ministries come from the love of God in us pouring out and splashing onto those we minister to.

So Phil Vischer took some time, waited on God, refilled his life with the love of God and is allowing God to be the One behind Buck Denver and the crew at What’s in the Bible– A fantabulous set of videos and church curriculum that does more than entertain, it teaches the who, what, where, when, why and hows of the Bible and what God’s big plan of redemption means for the people He loves.

And so, while Phil Vischer continues to use his gifts, talents and skills for the King and the Kingdom, he appears to be doing those things a little differently these days. I, for one, was encouraged by the late breaking news he brought to St. Louis yesterday.

If you want to read more, why not check out his book, Me Myself and Bob A True Story About Dreams, God and Talking Vegetables.

me myself and Bob

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