Dora the Explorer–Tiny Tot Tuesday

When I was in junior high, I took Spanish. I don’t remember much, I was terrible at it. I can still count to 10, and say “hello” and “goodbye”, and I have a faint recollection that the Hispanic name the teacher gave me was “Dora”. As I remember it, kids in the class kind of laughed at the name. But that, of course, was long before the days of Dora–The Explorer!!! I’m sure if we were back in that class today, I could get teased in a whole new way, but I do believe the name carries just a little bit higher level of respect than it used to–unless you have been watching with your kids for the past 12 years.

As I was thinking about this blog, God brought these memories back to mind, and I found myself giving Him thanks for making me into a grown up version of Dora the Explorer. I have found my greatest joys and passions from exploring His Word, and from sharing my discoveries with those around me–especially my children and the children I minister to. I am so thankful for the power and excitement of God’s Word and the healing, strength and direction it gives.

It can seem like a challenge to share Christ with toddlers and preschoolers. But the truth is that it is never too early to begin to instill in your children the desire to explore God’s Word for themselves. Even our littlest treasures can begin to find the great treasure that lies within those pages. Often times, the ways to help them do that are right at our fingertips. For example:

Where I live we are truly blessed to have an abundance of eagles that nest here during the winter. It’s beyond awesome to watch them soar across the dam and the river banks each day. Recently, we have gone out several times to watch them, catch some pictures of them and just marvel at their beauty. Then I found this “super cute” little craft that could easily be made at home with your tiny tots to help them learn a powerful piece of Scripture while also helping them to marvel at the goodness of God’s creation. (You can find it here

eagle print

In choosing to do an activity like this with your kids, simply add in a minute or two to look up the passage in the Bible, show them where it is and read it to them. You can even spend a little time soaring around the room while you wait for the paint to dry!!! Then hang that artwork up and say the verse together throughout the coming days!

Often, it’s the simplest of activities sprinkled among the things already in our days that help our children explore and discover the greatness of our God. In doing so, we also find ourselves soaring on wings like eagles as we explore and discover the joys of sharing Christ with our kids.

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