What a Leech!–Freaky Fridays


Who doesn’t love a little freakiness? Ok, well some people don’t, but I do. I have to admit, I can be one of those people who doesn’t want to look, but can’t seem to stop. I thnk one reason for that is as the mom of two sons, we have experienced our fair share of snakes, lizards, injuries, etc. together and in so doing my tolerance level for all things freaky has definately increased. But another reason is the Word of God. God’s Word is filled with some freaky stuff. When the boys were growing up, I loved to use some of those freaky things with them, but even more I LOVE to share some of God’s sense of freaky in my ministry to kids, well, because as Sy Robertson says, “It’s a fact, Jack!” Kids like freaky!!

So Fridays on the blog have now become Freaky Fridays. Just a quick stop at some freakiness that you might be able to incorporate into your next attempt at family devotions, small group time or kidmin teaching. And so for today. . . . drumroll please. . . ..

I really don’t like leeches. At all. We used to have a pond at our camp that years ago, they tell me, campers actually swam in, and it was filled with leeches. It’s nothing personal against God’s great creation, but I don’t want anything attaching itself to me for the purpose of removing my blood. Leeches are well, leeches. Greedy, little guys who want a piece of me, and they are in the Bible.

Proverbs 30:15 (yeah, leeches come right before the virutous woman chapter) says,

“The leech has two daughters, “Give! Give! They cry.”

End of leech verse. But this little verse lends itself to a lot of application especially in the areas of greed, generosity, relationship boundaries and even how we are raising our children. Maybe the saying shouldn’t be, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” but more like, “The leeches are just like their mommas.” Ouch!

Anyway, tucked inside of the most amazing book ever written are some pretty cool verses just waiting to be served up to a kid near you. Maybe you can use one this week, as you enjoy a little freakiness in your next Bible study!

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