Rest is Not a 4-Letter Word: Take a Seat Saturday

slow downRest is not a 4-letter word. Okay, maybe it is. But not the “bad kind” of 4 letter word, although it feels like it sometimes. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a little problem with slowing down. I’ve been working on it for a couple of years now. Trying to incorporate the oh-so-important day off into my schedule is a task I have yet to master. But I am working on it. My head understands all the reasons why I should, but my heart just doesn’t always get it. My passions for ministry and family often take over what should be my passion for obedience, wisdom, and setting an example.

I remember when the boys were little. Sometimes they would be so tired, but they just wouldn’t give in to sleep. I can remember saying to myself and to them, “Don’t fight it. Just let yourself sleep.” So many of us live in the same manner. We are tired, but we fight rest. In our confused state we forget that the God who served up a loaves and fish lunch to thousands can handle anything we have on our calendars. In the coming weeks, I hope to share some insights into why we fight rest and what we can do to help let ourselves surrender to it, and the One who created it. He has called us to rest. The first key for me in deciding to make changes in this area is based on this one simple truth: God said to. That should have been enough for me. But this is an area my flesh and spirit, and maybe yours, fight daily. My pride, my insecurity, my stubborness, and my inability to trust God to take care of the demands of the day cause me to stumble back in to the trap of the evil one in this sensitive area of my life.

The first key for me in deciding to make changes in this area is this one simple truth: God said to.

There have been times as a parent when my sole response to our children has been, “Because I’m the mom, and I said so.” I always thought I would never say those words, but I learned that sometimes they can have great impact. For our authority as parents was designed to have that kind of weight. In other words, at times, it’s necessary to simply say that because of my authority in the home, this is what we are doing. I know what is best and it is what I have decided.

God, as the ultimate authority and ultimate parent, also has the final word. Which is why, for me, before my heart could fully grasp the importance of rest, my head had to be willing to understand that I have to slow down, because God said so, and He’s God, and that’s reason enough to do what He has asked.

It’s a little funny that I have declared Saturday’s posts as “Take a Seat Saturday” because at the church where I serve, I have to go in on Saturdays and work. But it’s not about the day you rest, it’s that you take a day to rest, and my current day of rest is Friday.

Whether this is something you struggle with or have mastered, I’d love to hear your thoughts. ‘Til then. . . take a seat, and happy resting!

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