Overflowing–Taste and See Sunday

Ritz Rolos

Saturday morning was spent doing some baking–a pecan pie for a friend’s wedding reception last night, brownies for the HiSKidZ Purim party planned for this morning (Y’think Bible people ate brownies? If not, I bet they wish they did), and Rolo treats for the Super Bowl party tonight. As I measured, melted, stirred and poured ingredients into their respective bowls, I marveled again at how God pours into our lives. Like the ingredients in my cupboards, God has put at my disposal a plethora of opportunities to fill me up to overflowing, allowing me to share that abundance with others.

His Word, music, teaching, preaching, prayer, the prompting of His Holy Spirit, people, and experiences are all available to me. The end result depends, somewhat, on what I choose to do with the things He has given me. Will I open the door and begin to use what I have been given–in abundance–not only for myself but to share with others?

That’s my plan. Because as my baking momentum continued to build, I found a great joy in knowing that none of these things were for me. Oh, I would probably get to taste and see if they turned out as well as I had hoped, but each item baked was made to be shared with others to God’s glory. The crazy thing is that through the abundance God has provided me, as I share with others, I am the one filled–not with the fruit of my labor, but the fruit of His–with joy, peace, love and hope.

Like the widow whose flour and oil never ran dry, God in His faithfulness, continues to fill us up as we pour out. Of course, I’m not just talking about food, but I’ll never complain when God uses chocolate to teach me a little more about Him.

Taste and See–the Lord is Good!

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