Go Ravens!–Freaky Friday


This time of year, especially this year, if you heard the words, “Go Ravens!” you would most likely think of Super Bowl Champions Baltimore Ravens. Unless, perhaps, you are part of the mighty minority of slightly crazy kidmin leaders or highly motivated parents who have made themselves familiar with a freaky piece of Scripture found in the book of Proverbs.

Sure, ravens are in other places in the Bible, but in my humble opinion, on the Scale of Freakiness, none compare to Proverbs 30:17-18.

The eye that mocks the father, that scorns obedience to a mother, will be pecked out by the ravens of the valley and will be eaten by the vultures.

What in the world?????? Tell me if I’m wrong, but that seems like some pretty intense discipline to me. Both of our sons will testify to the fact that they heard me share these verses more than once, but never as a threat. Just as a simple reminder to those oh-so-much-simpler times when parents just cast their disobedient children outside the city gates to die. Just kidding. Well, not about the disobedient children’s crazily intense punishment, that was real. It just wasn’t that simple.

But every time I read them, these slightly freaky verses, they remind me about how God feels about both respect and disrespect. And it’s pretty obvious that He’s pretty serious about it. It’s a great relief to know that as a former eye rolling teenager, I didn’t have to literally worry about my eyes being plucked about by ravens and eaten by vultures. BUT. . . it’s also a great relief to know that God’s graphic word picture helped me to see that I needed to repent, and I needed to be forgiven. As God showed me that disrepect to my parents deserved a serious punishment, I learned that it could no longer be just something I could do as “normal” part of growing up. It needed to become something I had once done before allowing Christ to change my heart and set me on a new path–far away from ravens and vultures!!

I’m glad I stumbled upon these freaky verses. They made a huge impact on my life, and from time to time I love getting to share them with kids and parents. Because it’s these freaky things they never knew were in the Bible that often make an impact on their lives like nothing else.

Maybe you needed this reminder today. Maybe your kids will need it sometime in the future. Maybe you just found yourself a brand new freaky object lesson for your next children’s church lesson on respect or maybe you’ll just never look at the Ravens the same again thanks to today’s Freaky Friday post!

(Special thanks to my daughter in law for letting me us her raven picture from our recent Eagle Days in Keokuk)

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