Muffin Better—Taste and See Sunday


I spent a little time baking mini muffins last night, and not just because I love mini muffins (but I do!). But because today at church we were learning about the son who left home, spent his inheritance and wound up with the pigs before he realized he was better off at home and returned to his father. (Luke 15:11-23)

Upon his return, his father prepared a great feast to celebrate his son’s return by slaughtering the fatted calf–not an object lesson we generally encourage doing in the children’s ministry I work with!!

Of course, young children wouldn’t understand going and getting baby Bessie out of the field as a method of celebration anyway, BUT. . . they would understand cupcakes and muffins. So, our celebration included these tasty lil tidbits of God’s goodness. Bonus: They are soooo easy to make.

All you need is a yellow cake mix, melted butter and cinnamon sugar. Once they have baked, brush them with butter and dip in the cinnamon sugar mix. They are seriously melt in your mouth good. Plus. . . it only cost around $2 to make a batch, and no more than about 1/2 hour of your time. All this to help bring home the truth that God loves us and He celebrates the days when we return to Him.


Remembering to celebrate God’s victories is a simple discipline that we sometimes overlook. Even if you aren’t teaching a lessons on Biblical feasts or celebrations, maybe the next time your family has their latest God thing to celebrate, you too, will find out there’s “muffin better” than these easy snack to help you “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”


One more time, all you need is:
**oven set to 350
**mini muffin pan and paper liners (you can make them big, they still taste good, but for some reason bigger is not necessarily better this time!)
**cake mix (with egg, water and oil or butter)
**melted butter
**cinnamon sugar
**some children to share them with

They’re delicious! Taste and See!

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