Kidology–Thankful Thursday


What’s Kidology? Kidology is a nonprofit ministry started by Karl Bastian, aka “The Kidologist” encouraging and equipping those who serve in children’s ministry, whether paid or on a volunteer basis. Their site is filled with resources and ideas for lessons, games, crafts, holiday ideas, power points, gospel magic, puppetry, devotionals and more. There are online forums where people just like you can ask and answer ministry questions to help more effectively reach the kids in your own backyard. Ideas used by everyday people in everyday churches like yours.

About two years ago, I deepened my relationship with Kidology at Children’s Pastor’s Conference I attended. That meeting led to my entering into the world of Kidology coaching with my now friend and coach, Todd McKeever. Kidology coaching has helped me sharpen not just my ministry skills, but my leadership skills as well. Todd and I tackle everything from nursery wall colors to goal setting and task management to volunteer training to blog writing.

It is refreshing to see an organization so dedicated not just to children’s ministry, but to those who minister to children in the church, school or home setting. Many of their resources are free, yet even for those which require a fee, their costs are consistently low, and they do their best to see that any leader with a real need, yet a real lack of resources will never do without.

You can find Kidology at and Karl at He has even taken ministry to the next level by joining Pinterest! My coach Todd McKeever keeps me up to date on the latest Kidmin leadership and tech tools at his blog Todd’s latest post on creating object lessons could be just the thing you’ll be thankful for as you prepare your next lesson!

So thanks, Kidology, for all you are doing to help the Kingdom grow. This Thursday, and every Thursday, for that matter–I’m thankful for you!

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