Don’t Bother Me, I’m Busy Resting–Take a Seat Saturday


Oh! I make myself laugh sometimes at the silly things I say. Take for example the words in the title above. “I’m busy resting.” Even though it sounds like a giant contradiction in terms, I really think that for some of us, being “busy resting” may be one of the only ways we rest. Well, until we drop from complete exhaustion!

No matter how much I want to fight the truth. I need to rest. I need to slow down sometimes, and I don’t need to feel guilty about it. So I have learned that it helps to schedule in some times of rest. In order to stay sane productive, I schedule most of my week with certain days and certain times to get certain things done. I am much more likely to get the necessary things done when I schedule them in. I can then easily and honestly say “no” to some good things so that I can get the better and best things accomplished. And so it goes with rest.

When I schedule in times of rest, even small times, I am much more likely to actually rest. With rest time scheduled in, I am free to say “no” (yeah, that’s a word we can all say) to the same good things that keep me from this better thing.

I’ve also found that I have different kinds of rest needs. Sometimes I need to rest my body. Sometimes it’s my brain that needs a break–I can tend to over think sometimes. Depending on what’s going on, my emotions may need a break, and certainly my spirit needs time to slow down and rest in God.

By scheduling these times in, and by doing my best to keep those scheduled times, I am much more likely to keep my both my physical and my spiritual heart healthy, as well as my spiritual fruit growing, my purpose clear before me, and my joy overflowing. My relationships are better, my ministry is better, and my outlook and attitude are better. Things are just better when rest is part of the picture.

If fact, I think I’m going to grab a few minutes of rest now, so if anyone asks, I’m busy . . . resting.

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