When the Storms Come–Tiny Tot Tuesday

jesus calms the storm1

The weather has been crazy around here lately. It’s the Midwest. It’s February, so crazy is normal. It was in the 50’s on Sunday, and by Monday night we were in the midst of what we call “thunder snow.” (When it rains, why don’t we call it “thunder rain”? I dunno either!!) Now, today it’s “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day windy.” Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and clear. But Thursday we are under a possible blizzard watch.

Storms can come on suddenly and are often very scary things for toddlers and preschoolers. Wind, thunder, lightning, ice and snow can be exciting, but fear inducing. Even if you don’t live in an area of the country with extreme weather, we see the effects of storms on T.V. all the time.

Mark 4:35-41 is where we find the Bible lesson where Jesus calms the storm. I love sharing it with children because it helps remind little ones that they can trust Jesus when storms come. (It also helps remind us bigger ones of the same truth!) From this account, we can show our tiny tots that it’s okay to be afraid sometimes. Jesus’ friends had a good reason to be afraid. Storms can be scary. But we don’t want to be so afraid that we stop trusting God and forget who Jesus is.

I love the craft shown above. I found it at http://www.alljoinin.blogspot.com It can be easily made from things you have lying around the house which makes it a great “to-do” on your next stormy day at home, or if you are on a tight budget at your church. If you don’t have colored paper, just color your own. No craft sticks? Fold up some paper and make a paper stick. No paper? Ok, well you might be in trouble there!!

To make the craft:
Place a fold at the top of your paper and draw a stormy sky on the back of the fold. Then draw a sunny sky on the inside side of the paper. Make a boat out of shapes, using a craft stick as the mast. Be sure to attach the “water” only at the sides of your main sheet of paper. Then you can float your boat across stormy or calm seas depending on which flap of the paper you have showing.

jesus calms the storm2

Jesus calmed the storm for the disciples. But, there was still a storm. Jesus will calm our storms, too. But more importantly, because He is God, He can give us peace during the storm, and that is a truth we need to be planting deep inside the hearts of our children now before bigger storms come their way.

I think you will also love the song “Always There” from http://www.amberskyrecords.com to play along as you share this lesson with your children. It’s an absolute favorite of our Lil HiSKidZ and their families. In fact, our student helpers love it, too! The chorus includes these powerful little lyrics:

“When I am afraid, I’ll trust in you to help me be brave. And when I am scared I know that you are always there.

If you share this story and make this craft with your tiny tots, I’d love to see your finished products! I’ll be posting mine soon.

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