Just Say “Uncle”–Thankful Thursday

uncle charlie logo

“Uncle Charlie” that is.

I already knew yesterday what I was going to be thankful for today. That’s because I received in the mail my big pack of worship CD’s from Charles Allen Bancroft, AKA “Uncle Charlie.” As I was loading them into the computer at church, I kept thinking, “I’m so thankful I got this!”

Known for his kids’ praise and worship music and videos, I am super stoked and completely thankful for his generosity in allowing the folks at http://www.only144.com (yes, I’m thankful for them, too) to offer his music, once again, at a price it’s just hard to say “no” to.

At Uncle Charlie’s website http://www.unclecharlie.com you can find worship music for purchase along with audio samples, MPEG samples, motion samples and any current specials, and if you type in something like Uncle Charlie worship songs on YouTube you will find a zillion songs your kids will love.

NOW. So if you have been looking for some great songs for your kids to sing along to at home, church or school, don’t delay. Check out Uncle Charlie and his kids praise music NOW.

Because your kids are going to love this. And you are going to love this. And they will definitely love to tell their friends about this. It may even lead them to loving Jesus a little bit more!

By putting God’s Word and God’s messages into kids’ hearts and minds, they can be transformed–which makes me very thankful!!


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