Parent Cue–Thankful Thursday

parent cue

Family Devotions. The very words can strike fear in the hearts of mortal men (and women). Although we realize that God calls us to share Him, His Word and our faith with our children on a daily basis, doing it is another bag of chocolate all together.

We begin with good intentions. Or we think about beginning with good intentions and then “fo shizzle” simply becomes a fizzle. So I am thankful for a couple of super practical tools put out by the people at Orange to help us not only share God’s Word with our kids, but also to help move them to a place where they are picking it up for themselves.

The Parent Cue and are two affordable, easy to use, relevant, and technically appealing ways to strengthen your game as pursuers of God.

parent cue app
In the simplest of terms the Parent Cue is an app that allows you to live out the words of Deuteronomy 6 by offering you things to share with your kids when you get up, when you lie down and when you walk drive along the road. It includes videos, Bible stories, podcasts and music all designed to reinforce a lesson being taught in church that week. But even if your church doesn’t use the Orange curriculum, this is still a great tool to have in your electronic toolbox with cue boxes for both preschool and elementary.

The Parent Cue app offers resources for those every day moments that happen away from home:
Drive Time offers weekly videos retelling Bible stories and music that you and your kid will love.
Hang Time gives weekly activities your family will enjoy and fun monthly videos.
Meal Time provides discussion starters for kids and parents to help you take conversations a bit deeper.
Parent Time is full of insight, information, and encouragement just for parents.

s252_membershipImage is a website designed for kids and parents to engage them in learning, seeing and experience more of what’s in God’s Word and what it means to follow Him. The website includes features like
Weekly Bible Story Video (Feature Presentation)
Weekly Video Blogs from the Studio 252 cast
Weekly Character Blogs with family activities
Monthly Preview Video for Parents

Plus games, Bible reading, and FUN!

What’s best is that the app can be purchased for about at $1.99, and the membership is now free when your church purchases its yearly subscription to the Orange Curriculum. It’s just a great opportunity to help you fill the time you already have with your kids with things that will last forever–the love of God, the word of God, the power of God, and the reminder of their parents sharing those most important things with them.

And that is something to be thankful for!

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