Donut This Look Fun–Taste and See Sunday

taste and see tomb

Last week our church hosted a week of revival meetings. Some people think of it as a bit old fashioned to still have them. I’m not so sure. We could call it a conference or a seminar week, but the fact remains that no matter how you promote it, or what you call it we had the privilege of meeting together on 4 consecutive nights for some teaching, encouragement, presentation of the gospel and edification of the body of Christ–and we did this from ages 0-99. (Well, I’m not sure if anyone there was 99, but they could have been!) And it was great!!!

As a team, we did a lot of tasting and seeing that the Lord was good through evening and lunch meals together, a ladies’ luncheon and a men’s prayer breakfast, but it’s what we did in our preschool classes that has me excited today!

During the week, while our adults studied Philippians, and our elementary students centered in on lessons on prayer, our preschoolers were taught the Easter story. Each night they heard a different part of Jesus’ story in the order of its actual occurrence, and each night we had a super fun snack to connect to their teaching.

Jesus rode in on a donkey on Sunday night, and so we had sugar cookies baked by one of our awesome volunteers Diana. They were in the shape of donkeys!!! The kids loved them and had fun walking them across the table like Jesus riding into town (before chomping their heads off, of course!)

On Monday night, we learned about the last supper with biscuits (that we could break and share with each other) and grape juice (white, of course, to be careful of the carpets!)

Jef Puffed marshmallow eggs
Then on Tuesday night we shared those big Kraft marshmallow eggs that look an awful lot like giant (or tiny, depending on your perspective) tombstones as we talked about how the stone was rolled in front of Jesus’s tomb.

And we finished up on Wednesday night with the empty tomb snack you see above, prepared Gwen, another one of our awesome volunteers! She found the idea on, what else, Pinterest, but it was the perfect finish to our Easter lessons. As the kids put their snack together, they could retell the story of how Jesus did not stay in the tomb, but that He came out and He is alive!!!

I can’t help but love how we can use the goodness of all things God has created to remind us to “Taste and See” how good He is, and to help both kids and adults alike recognize and rejoice in the joy of Jesus!!

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