How to Keep From Crackin Up This Easter Weekend–Tiny Tot Tuesday

paas easter egg2
Don’t know about your home, but around here it’s been crazy. I guess it always is, the American way and all that. So I think it’s important to remember that in the midst of schedules that really are sometimes out of our control, that it can be a lot of fun to have some quick spontaneous things to do lying around the house so that neither you, gramma, or the tiny tots go crackin up this Easter weekend.

At holidays kids get tired. They are out of their normal routine. Family may be visiting, or family isn’t visting and the kids are restless. You want to make everything spiritual, serene and holy, and they want to launch jelly beans at each other, and before you know it, things are just, well, they are just gettin’ crazy.

Here are a couple of ideas that may help with your tiny or not so tiny tots during your days of Easter break.

1) Make Sheep Pictures. All you need is paper, a crayon, some glue and cotton balls. Let the kids trace their hands, stick the cotton balls on and ta-da–instant sheep! Crank it up a notch by finding a Scripture to add to the bottom of the page, snap a picture of them holding their picture, repeat every year until they are 30.

2) Make Your Own Easter Grass. This one is genius and I wish I had thought of it. Find some color paper lying around your house, or your neighbor’s house, and run it through the paper shredder. Voila! Colored Easter grass. Then let the kids match up their eggs to the colored grass you have made. Have contests seeing who can match things up the fastest.

3) Make Some Peanut Butter Eggs. Just 1/4 cup peanut butter and 1/4 powdered sugar mixed together is all you really need. Oh, well, and some chocolate chips. Mix the the first two and let the kids roll them into a ball. Then melt the chocolate with a smidge of shortening in it. Roll the ball into the chocolate, chill and you have instant stress release with minimal calories. This only makes about 10, but that’s really all you need for instant fun!

4) Dye Some Eggs. Seriously! It’s crazy how many kids are not doing this any more. Or if they are, they are doing some way over the top Pinterest form of egg decorating. Just go grab some Paas tablets at the store for $1.47 (that’s what I paid today)–don’t forget the vinigar and let ’em go at it. I still remember writing on our eggs with crayon, trying to make stripes and winding up with a gray egg, and the slightly unpleasant, yet at the same time, comforting smell of vinigar in the air as we watched our color tablets dissolve. Old school can be really cool!

5) Make Some Bird Feeders. Take your leftover plastic eggs, attach a string to them, cover them in peanut butter and bird seed and make an egg tree for your birds. The kids and the birds will love it. Try apple butter if you have someone in your group with a peanut allergy.

Sometimes it just takes a quick prayer and a look around the house to find all kinds of things you can do on the fly to keep from “crackin up” not only this Easter, but anytime the kids need a little focus and redirecting.

It’s really small things that make a difference. It’s really small things that make adventure, fun, magic and memories for a lifetime, and those really small people around our houses won’t be really small forever.

Happy Eastering!! He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!

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