Resurrection Eggs–Thankful Thursday

resurrection egg

You know how it is when you take something for granted? Yeah, me, too! And I am woman enough to admit when I’m wrong! That’s exactly why today’s Thankful Thursday post is about Resurrection Eggs. I think I have been overlooking these little treasures for the past couple of years and am thankful to have had God place them repeatedly in my path again this Easter season.

Maybe I thought Resurrection Eggs were a bit old school. Maybe my ADD brain just wanted something new. Maybe I had just used them often enough that I failed to appreciate them. Maybe I forgot to consider the new generations of moms and kids who may never heard of Resurrection Eggs. No matter which it is, this year I have been reminded of the glory of this great Easter teaching tool for church or home.

In fact, just last night at church one of our 5th graders asked me, “Ms Dawn, where do you get those eggs?” She remembered them from growing up and thought they were so cool! She had seen them because I had gotten them out for one my leaders whose son was trying to wrap his mind around the events of the Easter story. My leader remembered them, but had her set packed away. We also used them this year as part of our preschool Easter lessons. So I’m finding this year that HiSKidZ from 2-32 (age has been changed to protect the secrets of my leader) are finding Resurrection Eggs a valuable part of centering in on the real meaning of Easter.

If you’ve never used them, very simply, each of twelve eggs is filled with an object that represents part of the Easter story. As each egg is opened, you and your children can talk through the events the led to Jesus’ great sacrifice for us. They come with a devotional guide for daily use and they’ve even been updated with a fresh new look.
I love some of the objects they are using to represent the elements of the Easter story, and kids love going through the story over and over again.
resurrection egg

For those of you with younger children, Ms Patty Cake has a corresponding video that goes really well with the egg sets. Filled with song and age appropriate explanations of the objects in the eggs, Ms Patty is as you might say, “the icing on the Easter cake.”

Ms Patty Cake

We used resurrection eggs when our boys were growing up, and I hope someday to be able to use them with their kids to help continue to pass on to generations of Farris’s to come the wonder, power, and truth of the Easter, and of Jesus, the King of Kings who died to save us.

Both Resurrection Eggs and Ms Patty Cake’s video can be found at Christian book stores, or on the web.

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