Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch–Thankful Thursday


Ahhh Thursday. I love taking a little time out of each week to think about the ministries, resources and people who have had an influence on my life and then use the time to give thanks for them.

Today I had the privilege of traveling to the Kahoka, MO sight of Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch to share in their Thursday Chapel services. I love our Shiloh family and we are super blessed to have the Kahoka home parents as part of our church family.

I am thankful for their influence in the lives of the children who need them. I am thankful for the ways they sacrifice to love kids. I am thankful for the way they live out their faith the same way inside and outside their houses. I am thankful for the kids God has brought into my life through this powerful ministry. I am thankful for changed hearts and lives.

I am thankful for houseparents, current and past, that I am proud to call friends and ministry partners–men and women who we have been blessed to share passion, purpose, prayer and tears (of joy and sorrow). Men and women like Ken and Beth, John and Joy, Wayne and Peggy, Randy and Megan, Bryan and Lesley–just a few who have touched our lives in the past couple of years.

Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch is, in the words of their website, “a safe haven for abused and neglected children,” yet it’s so much more. Shiloh is home. Shiloh is traditions for kids who may never have had traditions. It’s riding bikes and shooting baskets and doing chores and cooking together in the kitchen. It’s learning to succeed, learning to love, and learning to be loved by friends, family and by God.

I’m including the link to Shiloh’s website if you would like to learn more about these special people and the special ministry they share in. If you take a minute to check it out, I’d love it if you take a minute to pray for them and on this Thankful Thursday that you would give a shout out of thanks to God for how He is at work in the lives of each person who spends time there.

To all my Shiloh friends, I’m sure I don’t tell you enough how thankful I am for you, every day–not just Thursdays!! I am thankful, thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross because of the cross. I love you!

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