I Can’t Drive 55–Take a Seat Saturday

I can't drive 55

Sammy Hagar was wrong. There ya go, I said it. The Red Rocker could, indeed, drive 55. He just didn’t want to.

Realizing that Saturday’s blog posts on rest are the posts I most often avoid writing made me stop and ask myself why. One reason, most certainly, is I am not good at resting. I am a doer. There ya go, I said it. The other main reason is that I have given into Sammy’s idea of “I just can’t,” when the truth is I just don’t want to.

“I just can’t rest. There’s too much to do.” Oh brother, what a lie. And just like Sammy could drive 55–it did take him 16 hours to get L.A. by the end of the song (I know some of you will be looking up his video just for old time’s sake), I, too, can learn to slow down. Praisallujah! You can, too.

Actually I’ve been doing a much better job at slowing down–that’s what 3 1/2 months of sinus infection will do to a girl! But outside of an inconvenient sickness, I am learning to make choices that are helping me to slow down, invest more in others and learn to appreciate more some of the things I had been missing in my busy lifestyle.

A few things needed to go missing though. I realized as I watched the Sammy Hagar video that a nonstop lifestyle often breeds other things like pride, rebellion and disrespect. Things I would never have thought characterized me, yet when I think about it probably were a part of my overly busy life. It’s time to put off those old habits and put on some humility, submission, and respect.

I can’t say it’s an easy thing I’m learning. BUT, and this is a big but, it’s the right thing I’m learning. It’s time for me to stop stealing someone else joy by doing things they might want to do. It’s time for me to stop serving my time leftovers to my husband. It’s time for me to invest in people more than projects.
It’s time for me to quit saying “I’m tired” or “I can’t. I already have another commitment.” It’s time for me to start submitting to God and His ways which are always best and right.

Sometimes those plans will still mean long hours and hard work. But sometimes those plans mean saying “no” to something good, and “yes” to quieting myself and my home and even my work time to rest in Him, hearing His voice and enjoying His presence.

Although Sammy Hagar and the boys in the band had to learn the hard way that they could drive 55, I’d rather learn God’s way that I can, should and will take time to rest, being still and knowing that He is God.

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