Fish Tales–Taste and See Sunday

fish dish

Martha Stewart says she has these 16 seafood dishes your kids will love to eat. Hmmm. Really? Check out the link and let me know if these fishy foods look like things your picky eaters will be happy to sink their hooks into.

No offense, Martha, maybe you’re right. I’m not much of a fish lover myself. But whether it’s one of these recipes or you just trust the Gorton’s fisherman, you might take some time this week to put your WWJD on and follow His example of serving your family followers. When you do, take the opportunity to share this famous fish tale featuring Jesus, Peter and the boys.

John 21 tells of another time Jesus appeared to His disciples after His resurrection. Peter was hanging out with the guys when he declared, “I’m going fishing.” And they replied, “We’ll go with you.” So they all went out and got in the boat, but that night they caught nothing.

There is a lot of speculation that could be made about these short couple of verses. Like, were they just going out because they didn’t really have anything to do? Were they restless since Jesus had risen and they weren’t with Him 24-7? Were they falling back into the old patterns they were comfortable with? I don’t know, and the Bible doesn’t tell me.

But I do know that early the next morning Jesus was standing out on the shore. They couldn’t tell it was Him. And He called out to them asking about their catch. Finding out they were coming up empty netted, He told them to let their nets down on the other side. Strangely, perhaps without thinking, they did what they were told and when they did their net was filled with more fish than they could haul.

Immediately, my man Peter declares, “It’s the Lord!” and jumps out of the boat– How can you not love a guy with that kind of passion and excitement??–The others follow in the boat, towing the net of fish–153 in all–I’d remember, too, if I’d caught my fish that way!

When they got to shore, they found the fixins for the first filet-o-fish sandwich prepared by Jesus Himself.

They have breakfast together and immediately afterwards Jesus spends some time talking with Peter about his love and his calling. Beyond fishing for men, Peter is now challenged to feed the sheep, and take the challenge He does, by preaching that first Pentecost sermon, baptizing the crowd and leading churches as the power of God exploded throughout their world.

As you take time to share a meal with your kids, take time to challenge them as to their calling. Talk about what God has called all of us to do: Go into the world, make disciples, baptizing and teaching; feeding His sheep, loving His people, speaking the truth with love and boldness.

I love the last verses of the book of John and I try to share them often.

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them was written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” John 21:25

I love that no matter how much we learn about God or how much we share about Him, we haven’t even touched the tip of the (fishing) pole of when it comes to things God has done.

I love even more that as we begin to live out the truth of who He is, and as we continue to live out our calling to fish for men, we will have fish tales of our own to tell.

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