I Was Wrong–Tiny Tot Tuesday


Okay, I admit! There were one or two things I did wrong while raising our boys. Okay, I admit it! There were probably more than one or two things I did wrong while raising our boys. In fact, I could probably start a whole new blog called, “Things I Did Wrong While Raising the Boys.” But I prefer to follow the apostle Paul’s advice and put the past behind me, and move on to what lies ahead.

Where’s this all coming from? Well, I’ve been thinking a bit lately about this whole “clean eating” thing that’s going around. In case you haven’t heard, “clean eating” is pretty much choosing to eat foods that aren’t processed. You pretty much just eat food in its natural form. Now, there are vegan clean eaters, and vegetarian clean eaters, there are 80-20 clean eaters, and I think there are cheater clean eaters–those who want to eat clean, but won’t give up the drive and their Oreos, yet. (But you don’t call it “cheating”; you call it “treating”.)

I’ve stepped through the clean eating door myself lately–those 3 months of being sick kind of got to me–and I realize that the move towards healthier foods really is a good thing. In fact, I realize that my approach to eating was one of convenience, which in the long run probably hasn’t turned out to be very convenient. And . . . . I think if I had to do it all over again, I would make more clean eating choices for my boys when they were still tiny tots.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a “thou shalt not eat ____________” kind of girl. Hello! My name is Dawn and I’m a recovering Pharisee. (I married into it–I am a Farris-u-see!) Through the years, another area I have to admit I was wrong about is legalism. I can jump in the all or nothing boat pretty quickly. I believe Christ died so I don’t have to be tied to legalism, in my eating or anything else. But I also know that we easily become conditioned to the things we are offered on a repeated basis, and I know that easy isn’t always better.

So as I offered the kids easy snacks, bags of chips, cookies, kid meals, and sugar, sugar, sugar, I was setting them up against better choices. Funny, how we are deceived to believe our kids won’t eat healthier foods, when up until 50-60 years ago, there really weren’t a lot of other choices, and somehow kids survived and thrived–without the health risks associated with young children today.

I am reminded that our bodies are temples of God, and wish I would have thought about that more when the boys were young. I wish I had thought more about showing them more of the good things that God created–there is more to this world that potatoes, corn, green beans and Oreo bon-bons!!


HOWEVER, even if I didn’t always do the best teaching them to love their vegestables, I did teach them to love. I’m learned some things along the way, too. I think that if you asked them they would tell you that I have done a pretty good job in that department–learning. I’ve learned to admit when I’m wrong, change some of my stubborn ways, and accept and try new things, and that’s a good thing.

So if you are reading this today and you are a mom raising some tiny tots, remember that you, too, are going to be wrong about some things–ok, many things. But you, as a mom, have the chance to teach your kids that we all fail, we all make mistakes–many times much bigger than what we are putting on the table. But that we can learn from mistakes, we can humble ourselves, we can admit when we are wrong and we can begin to do what is right, and that’s a good thing!

Our kids will model much of what they see in us, whether it’s what we are taking in or what we are pouring out. If we need to change, we need to change. If we need to admit we were wrong, well, then we need to say it. C’mon, say it with me. . . .don’t resist. It will be okay, it’s actually kind of freeing. Here we go. . . “I was wr…wro…wron…wrong!”


Oh! That’s better!! You know one of the best things about admitting you’re wrong? In simply doing it, you are now right!! Just don’t get all big headed about it, or you would be back to being wrong again.

Anyhow. . . Happy Humility! I hope you can find some time enjoy some healthy eating and healthy habits with your tiny tots today!

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