Worship House Kids–Thankful Thursday

worship house kids

You may be familiar with Worship House Media and not even know it. For example, if your church ever shows videos during their services, there is a good chance they came from Worship House or a place like it.

But Worship House Media isn’t just for grownups, and I’m thankful that they have a division just for kids. Filled with video shorts, song tracks, countdown, stills and more, Worship House Kids is a great place to find and purchase great things for your children’s ministry or kid related programming.

While I am NEVER an advocate for just popping in a video for kids, I also know that a short well done video can be a great addition to my teaching and have a powerful impact on a child’s heart.

Even if you’re not in ministry, Worship House Kids is a great place to simply browse with your kids. Watching some of the videos or song tracks is a great way to teach without teaching, connect without forcing it, or to have fun without even trying. It also allows your kids a chance to have a great way to share something cool with their friends, maybe even sharing Jesus with someone who doesn’t know Him without seeming pushy about it. With today’s use of tablets, it’s also easy to buy a couple of things to have on hand to watch in the car for trips or during errand time.

If you have never heard of Worship House Kids or you haven’t visited them in a while. Just click the link below, and take a little time to check out some of the great things they have there.


While you’re at it, take a sec to say “Thanks!” to the Lord for the way He has gifted people to put together things we would never be able to do with our own limited skills, budgets or time. I am always thankful for how God uses different people with different gifts to build up the Kingdom, and this Thankful Thursday I am especially thankful for Worship House Kids Media.

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