Our Son Married His Cousin–Mama Mia Monday


Mama Mia! How did it happen? Just this past Saturday, our son, Trevor married his cousin, Ashley. I never saw it coming.

I guess none of us did, actually. Sometimes, I think that’s how it is when God is at work. He brings people into your life. He changes your heart. He moves you in directions you never thought you would go. Love changes everything.

Like Trevor and Ashley.

Ashley was the first born cousin. Trevor was the third. They were pretty close growing up, but we didn’t always live near each other so it was a holiday visiting kind of thing. Plus, she’s a bit older than he is, so normally she and his older brother, Connor, spent more time together. But Connor’s in Russia right now, so I suppose that’s why it didn’t work out for them!

It’s a little unusual, I know, but it’s happened before. It was touching to see how they cared for each other, and to hear Trevor say to her, “Ashley, let’s do what you want, it’s your day; we just need to relax and enjoy it.”

The ceremony was special, God centered and simply beautiful. The bride was gorgeous, and Trevor looked pretty handsome himself in his wedding suit and tie.

He commented later that when he saw her walk down the aisle, he wasn’t quite prepared for the totally different perspective of being up at the front of the church (he’s been a groomsman three times now) waiting for the bride. She and her dad, Tom, met Trevor up at the front with tears in their eyes. She was beautiful. He was proud of her. It was a moment to be frozen in all of time.

It was time for the big question, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

“Her mother and I,” Tom replied.

At which point that handsome groom stepped up and took his bride’s hand. The church was quiet as the ceremony where our son Trevor had the privilege of marrying his cousin, Ashley, to her new husband, Derek, began!

Mama Mia! Who would have thought?! Back when they were just babies none of us could imagine that one day one of these cousins would have the privilege of officiating at the other’s wedding. What’s even more, Trevor can now say without lying, “I married my cousin!”

Congratulations, Ashley and Derek! We love you and wish you years and years and years of life together! Thank you for allowing us all to share in the beauty of your day!

And Congratulations, Trevor, on officiating your first wedding! We are super proud of you and excited that you have the special memory of Ashley and Derek’s wedding.

Mama Mia!

Hyper Smash

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