Simply Amazing–Word Up Wednesday!


Today is Administrative Professional’s Day so I thought it would be appropriate to do a post inspired by our church’s administrative professional and my good friend, Carolyn.

Monday, in staff, Carolyn was telling us how she’s been chewing on the attributes of God lately. She’s been listing out attributes from A to Z, and so, this week shared with us one of her thoughts from the letter “A” and the word, “Amazing.”

She shared with us the definition of amazing that she found as “startling impressive.” Hmmm. That’s a pretty simple definition, but that’s God alright–startling impressive. Everything about Him. His strength, grace, love, power, wisdom, might, compassion, mercy. . . . Amazing, Simply amazing.

In Joshua 3:5 Joshua says to the people before they prepared to take the Promised Land, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” And amazing things He did. They crossed the Jordan River at flood stage; they took the city of Jericho; the sun stood still over Gibeon.

Today, He continues to do amazing things. Things that can only be described as “startling impressive“–things like changing lives, healing hearts, calming storms, and bringing hope to people who are worried and afraid.

WORD UP! Thanks Carolyn, for not just being a super church secretary, but for simply sharing with us a great reminder of our simply amazing God.

This is Carolyn. Packer fan, church secretary, friend and worshipper of God from A to Z.

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