Danielle’s Place–Thankful Thursday

danielles place2
“What do Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel have in common.”

“They are all guys.”

“They are all prophets.”

“What kind of prophets?”

“Major prophets.”

“Why do we call them ‘major prophets’?”

“Because their books are bigger.”

“What can we learn from Isaiah?”

“Things will be bad for a while, but then they will get better. No matter what happens, God is our Rock.”

“What can we learn from Jeremiah?”

“God is unhappy with sin. Things will be bad for a while because of it. You may have to cook your food with dung/poop. But things will get better. No matter what happens, God is our Rock.” (Funny, how kids love to say “dung” and “poop”. They will remember this about Jeremiah forever!)

“What can we learn from Ezekiel?”

“Even though we may be dead like dry bones, God can make us new again because He is our Rock.”

“And what can we learn from Daniel?”

“Sometimes man eating lions become like pussycats, and even though they were in the 70 years of bad times, the bad times would get better. It’s always right to do right, because God is our Rock.”

And so went part of our lesson Sunday morning as we reviewed the four major prophets in our elementary class.

To give the kids a visual reminder to take home that God is our Rock, I went searching through some of my favorite resource sites and decided on Danielle’s Place. Danielle’s Place is a treasure of a site that we use on a regular basis for great lesson, craft, bulletin board ideas and more.

This week, I chose to make these rock people with our kids. In part, because they looked fun. In part, because they were fairly easy and worked into the time allotted. In part, because I already had everything on hand to make them, so they were free, and in part, because they really were a great visual reminder of the truth that God is our Rock! Who doesn’t like bright paints, crazy hair, feathers and googly eyes? And glue, real glue, not just glue stick glue. No wonder it was a hit. I mean, really!

Danielle’s Place can be found at http://www.daniellesplace.com and offers both free and paid membership areas on their site. I love that they offer a membership which allows my volunteer team access to all their resources for one really reasonable yearly fee.

I’m thankful for their commitment to great lessons, cute crafts, gobs of templates, and easy to understand instructions–yes, as one who resides among the craftily challenged, I desperately need easy to understand instructions. I would say that although most of their things are geared towards younger kids, even our oldest kids (6th grade) had a blast making the activity we did this past week. Whether you are in paid ministry, a volunteer at your church, a teacher, mom, dad, child care provider or high school baby sitter, Danielle’s place offers great ideas kids love and you will love helping them to see God in a greater way. It’s the big win-win!

Ya gotta love how sometimes it’s the simplest things that have some of the greatest impacts. (Yea! for that!) Sometimes it’s old school that’s cool, and that’s why all the time I am thankful for great resources that can be found at places like Danielle’s!

Thanks, Danielle, for making today a very thankful Thursday.

Do you have a great resource you’d like to share? Be sure to leave a comment.

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