Root Beer and Kettle Korn–Taste and See Sunday

root beer2

It’s a Sunday. It’s re-enactment weekend. It’s not raining. These three things in and of themselves can make me pretty happy, but to have all three together in one . . . marvelous!

In the town where we live we are fortunate to host a yearly Civil War Re-enactment. People who live here know without a doubt it will rain that weekend so we are careful what we plan. But a little rain doesn’t stop us from getting out and getting together at Rand Park to watch the re-enactors, catch up with old friends and get some great food to eat.

Two of our family’s absolute favorites are kettle korn and Dr J Fogworth’s root beer. It’s quite a big deal. I don’t have a big kettle korn story today, but I do have a few thoughts on root beer.

You see, we purchase our beverage in an old fashioned looking glass bottle, and then save it from year to year so you can bring it back and buy your refills at a discounted price.

And each April weekend, people come out of nowhere carrying their empty bottles in to be filled. Yup! I was there today filling not one, not two, but three bottles. I’ll be hauling them down to Joplin, MO, in a few days so that son #2 can enjoy what may be his last opportunity for some Dr J’s before he moves out west. (Sorry son #1, I can’t send Dr J’s to Russia!)

So here’s the thing:
Today I couldn’t help but think how our lives are a bit like those root beer bottles, meant to be emptied and refilled year after year (or day after day). I love how God fills us up just to pour us out into someone else’s life. We are to be in the business of pouring out, while He is in the business of filling up.

When we do that, really do that–pour our lives into others in big and small ways, it’s a cool and refreshing thing. It makes us thankful, it makes those around us thankful, and it, I believe, honors God and makes Him smile.

Today while I was out filling my bottles, next to me in line was a boy who needed $6 to buy a new bottle. He only had five. I was spending $9, and only had a ten. Exactly, pouring out. Although my offering to the boy was small, it was huge to him. I’m still smiling as I think of how he and his buddies couldn’t believe this “lady” was doing this for him. A dollar is a pretty small thing to some people, but it was a really big thing to him. He told me thank you at least three times (I’d love to meet his mama–good job mom!) and even later as I was leaving the park, I saw him again with his bottle of root beer and another, “Hey! Thanks again, thanks!”

Pouring out made me thankful. Pouring out made him thankful and pouring out honored God, and I believe we were all smiling today.

Taste and See–the Lord is Good!

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,” Matthew 25:35

kettle korn2 Maybe next year I’ll have a good kettle korn story!

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