MOM-WOW–Tiny Tot Tuesday

I have become a painting fool. It started innocently enough. The husband and I, in an effort to provide our son with some furniture for his new post-college dwelling, decided to repurpose a few things. We started with a head board, then a night stand, then another night stand. Next came a barn door table and four chairs. Now it’s a chest of drawers.

But it’s not just furniture I’m crazy about. I’m adding painting into my church lessons, too. Last week we painted rocks, next week I’m painting my lesson, and I recently bleach painted a theme related shirt. So what is it about painting that fuels my spirit you ask?

Well, I recently saw on Pinterest (the new Wikipedia) that painting makes kids clever. And if it makes kids clever, imagine what it does for adults! Yeah, it makes us even more clever(er).

The truth is there is a little something freeing about painting and that’s what makes it such a great activity to do with your kids. Moms, admit it, sometimes we are just afraid of paint. We are afraid of the mess, the clean up, the “what do you do with this piece of ‘art’ now that it’s been painted?” And dads, well, dads, in my experience, have rarely, if ever, been spotted anywhere near the vicinity of a small child and paint at the same time. (No offense dads, it just is what it is)

So in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, here’s a little MOM-WOW you can do with your kids. C’mon, give it a try, don’t be afraid. Trust me, you’re gonna love it. And even if you don’t, your kids will for sure!

Here it goes.
Step 1–Make some paint. Easy Breezy!
(This is a finger paint recipe, but you can use regular paint, too. I accented this project with some craft paint and cotton swabs.)
3 TB sugar
1/2 t salt
1/2 c cornstarch
2 cups water
Food coloring

Mix up those first 4 ingredients in a pan on the stove and warm it up until you are in the thick of things. Let it cool a bit, put it in some containers with lids and add the food coloring. It turned out I only had green, so I mixed mine all up in the pan–and reminded my husband not to eat it–although it wouldn’t hurt him if he did!


Step 2–Paper and Tape
Now take a piece of thick paper and some tape (like painter’s tape) and write out a message of some kind. I like MOM-WOW! for Mother’s Day. Then let your kids go at it just painting away over their entire canvas.


When things begin to dry out, you just wait a bit longer. Then when everything is dry simply remove the tape and MOM-WOW! Look what you and your tiny tots have created!


Art! Even the most artistically challenged among us can pull this one off, and your kids will be lovin it. You will start smilin, your kids will clean their rooms without being asked, and your husband will want to take you out to dinner. (Okay, you may hate it; you may still be heating up fish sticks for dinner, the kids rooms may be a mess, BUT, your they WILL LOVE that you painted with them!)

Which will give you the power of MOM-WOW! like you haven’t been in a long time.

So enjoy, get a little messy, and get painting with your tiny tots soon!

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