Opportunity’s Knockin–Thankful Thursday

mark proctor
I remember Mark Proctor when he was just a boy. Well, kind of. I remember Mark Proctor when he was a teenager. To be honest, Thankful Thursday could be completely devoted to the entire Proctor family–some of my favorite people in the whole world.

Mark’s mom and dad, Gene and Kathy, mentored my husband and me in some of our younger days. His older brother Matt is the president of the college our sons attend(ed)–a gifted leader, preacher and story teller. His younger brother, Michael, works for a church camp that is doing amazing things in the lives of students–young and old–in the Midwest. Their wives and children are blessings in their own right. We are thankful to have them all as even small parts of our life journey.

Last week I received a fb message from Mark about a new album project he is working on, and asked if I would be willing to share the concept with others. I don’t think he meant through my blog–I’m not sure he even knew I had a blog. SURPRISE!!! To be honest, I had no idea what all he was really up to, until I clicked the link and watched his video yesterday.

I thought I was going to get to listen to a few excerpts of his songs or something, but instead learned about how it could be possible to be a part of this direction and opportunity in his life. He’s using something called Kickstarter which I think is a pretty cool way to gain support for a project. I’d never heard of Kickstarter, but I have to say I’m intrigued. You may be, too, now!

Here’s a link to Mark’s kickstarter
Mark Proctor’s Kickstart


All in all, the whole thing has made be thankful for Mark and for opportunity–opportunity to use our gifts and talents, opportunity to share in others gifts and talents, and opportunity to simply do things, like make an album, that just wouldn’t have been available a few years ago.

The opportunities allow us to follow where God leads, to glorify the kingdom, and to express our hearts to the One who makes our heart beat.

I’m thankful for Mark’s dreams and for his willingness to follow them. Maybe today you have a dream you want to follow. Experience tells me that opportunity usually comes knocking at the most unexpected times. So when it does, be sure to answer. I mean, look through the peephole first, but then answer!

I hope you are having a very thankful Thursday! Feel free to share what you are thankful for today. I’d love to hear!

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