Apples to Apples–Take A Seat Saturday


We dropped our youngest son off in Washington State this week. In fact, we just got home last night. He just graduated from college and is beginning ministry at a fabulous church, Valley Real Life, in the Spokane Valley. People often ask us if it’s been hard for us to have him live so far away. Our answer, always, is “it’s not Russia.” Russia is, by the way, the home of our oldest son. So, you can see why Washington doesn’t seem so far away after all.

And I would say all in all that we are doing pretty well with the whole “move across the country” thing. After all, we moved to France when we were in our early twenties. We are big believers in going where God leads you, wherever that may be, and we are confident, as is the son, that God has led him to Washington.

Yet. . .
Today when we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things, it was the husband who declared, “Look! ‘Washington’ apples.”

Well, whaddayaknow?

The father is missing the son. And it made me smile. To know that he’s been looking at these same apples for years and never really cared that they came from Washington–until today.

Love does that y’know? It makes you see things you’ve never seen before. Notice things you normally overlook.

And the more you love, the more you care, the more you take that risk, the more you see things like apples. Or Russian news reports. Or storm warnings. Or beef jerky. And when you stop, and take the time to take a seat and think, you will see that apples to apples, that’s a very good thing.

family photo spokane
The son, his fiance and the apple noticing parents while in Spokane, Washington.

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