Hey Cupcake–Taste and See Sunday


Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m becoming a cupcake addict.

And like all addictive behaviors, I can’t explain how it’s happening. Seriously, I want to try them all (well, not the mocha ones). I Google “cupcake stores” when I travel, and for some crazy reason I am willing to pay $3 or more for one little cupcake, when I would never dream of shelling out that kind of money for a whole box of Hostess cupcakes (back in the day when you could still buy them). Last week, I spent two days reminding the fam that “we had to go to the cupcake store” before we left Spokane. Cupcakes were on my mind ALL THE TIME!

I’ve been posting pictures of them. Telling my friends about them. Sharing them with others. I’ve found a good thing, and I’m not afraid to tell someone!

So, pardon the pun, I’ve been chewing on this whole cupcake thing for awhile, and what I’m thinking right now is this: I will pay the price and I will seek out the store because it’s worth it to me. I love the way these little guys look. I love the way they taste. (Maple bacon, need I say more?) I love how the frosting is somehow creamy and fluffy all at once. I love the sugar. I love that they are portion controlled. I love how each one is unique, even when they are the same.

My maple bacon cupcake from Love @ First Bite in Spokane Valley, WA. (Well, what’s left of it anyway!) If you are ever in the Valley be sure to check them out!

Yet. . .
They are basically worthless. They feed my flesh, not my spirit, and even then, not in any particularly healthy sort of way. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong to occasionally indulge in a tasty treat, and as much as I am currently infatuated with cupcakes, I know something worth way more of my time, attention and money.

And that something is someone–Jesus. The Kingdom of Heaven, like a pearl of great price is worth everything I have. He’s worthy to be on my mind, in my heart and to be shared with those around me. Do I care if someone laughs at me because I’m cupcake crazy? No! Do I mind spending a few extra bucks for something special? No? Do I mind spending those few extra bucks on someone else so they can know the joy of the cupcake? Of course not. Am I willing to go out of my way to . . . ?

You get the picture. It’s incredible what we will do for something that means nothing, but how little we will do for something that means everything.

Hey Cupcake! It’s time we seek out the One who is sweetest; start spending our time with Him; and share Him with a friend whenever we can. Taste and See that the Lord is good.

Love at First Bite Cupcakes

Cupcakes from Small Cakes in Joplin, MO


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