Winnie the Pooh Was So Smart–Thankful Thursday

russian winnie the pooh

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”–Winnie the Pooh

That Winnie the Pooh was so smart!

I recently saw this quote on a friend’s Facebook page. Recently, as in the day after we returned home from dropping the son off to start a new phase in his life in a new, great place, recently. Not only did we say goodbye to him for a while, so did his fiancé, and just a few days before that he and his college friends (plus a couple of high school buddies) said their “see ya later mans”.

We also had to say good bye to our future daughter in law, our “fake adopted” daughter Tiphani, and The Rumseys–a precious couple, friends of the aforementioned son, as they headed off to a church plant in Florida.

Of course, last year we said goodbye to another son who headed out to the vast unknown of Russia, and at Christmas we told him good bye again as he headed back “home.” This time, we had a daughter in law to say good bye to as well.

Each time, my heart was oh-so-sad, even though it knew the good byes had to come, and they were all part of the plan. It was still hard, and on some days will continue to be hard as we are so far away from those we love and have come to love so much.

BUT. . . “How lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

How lucky, indeed, to have met and loved these precious people who have made our lives richer even in the short times we have known them. We are lucky, indeed, thankful for sure, and better forever because of the blessings of friends and family in our lives. All of which make this a very Thankful Thursday!

(The Winnie the Pooh above is the Russian Winnie the Pooh, in case you were wondering!)

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