Tea Time or Tee Time for Father’s Day–Tiny Tot Tuesday

< tea-cup-teapot-clip-art

I love tea! Love it hot, cold, or sweet! I’m learning to appreciate it unsweetened. I hear it’s better for you that way, but, well, sugar is just so darn tootin’ addictive. (But, that’s another blog post, I’m sure.)

As I was thinking about Father’s Day coming up, I got to thinking about Father’s Day presents. And Tiny Tots. But not Pinterest. So, seriously, you know, what can you get a dad that someone isn’t going to say, “Hey! I saw that on Pinterest.”

Don’t go thinking I’m a Pinterest hater. I’m not. I like/love it! But sometimes the best gift isn’t a gift. It’s an experience, and although I’m sure people are pinning their experiences and experience ideas, sometimes we just need to have them, and not search for them, you know what I mean???

So this Dad’s Day, why not sip on the idea of a little tea time for dad and the kids. Maybe it’s china cups and scones or maybe it’s Red Solo Cups and Oreos. Maybe it’s root beer and chips. The point is the experience. The point is making a memory. The point is sharing time with those you love–even if it’s a bit awkward at first. Sometimes it’s those little bits of uncertainty in trying something new that can make it the most precious in the end.

Clip Art Illustration of a Cartoon Golf Ball on a Golf Course

Of course, every dad may not be ready even for some Dad’s Root Beer and Doritos with the kids. But maybe he is ready for a round of mini golf, or some time with the kids in a simple course made in the back yard. It doesn’t really matter; again the point is time together, memories, experiences and sharing. Sharing love, honor, respect and fun together.

I hope that your Father’s Day is T-Riffic no matter what you choose to do and that you and your Tiny Tots have the opportunity to make time for tea, tee or whatever it is that comes to your mind as a beautiful,and maybe new way to honor Dad!

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