I’ve learned a lot since I started this blog. I’m not sure I’ve learned a lot about blogging! But in making the transition to daily themes, I learned that my Saturday day of rest theme is not a good choice for me. Although I’m getting better at resting and slowing down, I’m nowhere near ready to blog about it in order to help someone else on the “learn to slow down” journey. So out with the old and with the new. “Take a Seat Saturday” is now “Dadderdays!”

Not that I know that much about being a dad. After all, I am a mom. But I have a dad, my husband is a dad. I work with dads, and I trust my heavenly Dad will lead me in this endeavor. So here goes. Dadderdays-part 1!

This past January our sons were ordained into the ministry. It was a pretty special day to say the least, and something we would have never expected as we raised our sons. Full time ministry wasn’t a goal, but ministry was. We simply wanted them to grow up into men who would love God, follow God and serve God in whatever ways or places He led them. (Not knowing, of course, that He would lead them literally to the other sides of the world/nation!)

Anyhow. . . I digress.

Each son spoke that day at the ordination. Each son did a great job. But one said something that applies especially well as I begin the “Dadderday” posts this Father’s Day weekend. He said something like this:

“I kind of laugh when people assume I’m in children’s ministry because of my mom. You know her being “Ms Dawn” and all. But the truth is, I’m in ministry because of my dad. While my mom may be the one everyone sees, my dad has been a strong presence all through my life. As far as I can remember my dad never missed one of my ball games. My dad took time to shoot baskets with me, or go to movies with me, or take me to my first college and NFL football games (with free tickets he had been given by a friend). When my car started breaking down on a cross country trip, my dad got in his truck and started driving towards me while I continued towards home keeping in contact with me by phone along the way. My dad taught me what is was to be a man, to love God, to go to church when I might not have wanted to and to work hard and not give up.”

Now, my husband is a pretty fabulous guy and a great dad. But I believe that day our son’s words touched his heart in ways he couldn’t have known possible, because like all of us, he’s human and he can sometimes see his short comings rather than his strengths–especially when it comes to parenting. I think many of his memories were long nights working and areas where he may have felt lacking, but Trevor’s memories are just the opposite.

I guess the point, without getting too personal about my somewhat guarded men’s lives, is this. Dads, you are probably doing a better job than you think. Don’t give up. Keep going. Keep spending time. Keep hanging out with your kids. Keep teaching them what it means to be a man. Keep working hard. Keep being a man. Because our kids need real men in their lives, not perfect men. Just real men.

So Happy Dadderday to my dad, husband, father-in-law and all you dads out there! Thanks for being awesome!

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