Open Door Policy–Dadderdays

open door

Can I just say that I am thankful, like oh so thankful, that there are still mommas out there teaching their sons to open doors for women? Of course, I can say that, it’s my blog after all, but it would be wrong of me to do so.

For one thing, it means I’m assuming it’s the mommas who are teaching their babies to be gentlemen, and that may very well not be the case. It also means I’m assuming the dads are not, which may also not be the case.

I do know it’s becoming a lost art, and since today is “Dadderday,” I just want to spend a minute or two encouraging you dads out there to not give up when it comes to teaching and training your sons in the art and science of becoming a man.

A real man.

The kind of man who opens doors, provides for his family, works hard, plays hard and loves God and his family.

Recently I’ve had the privilege of having a couple of doors opened for me, and I’ve also had the experience of having a couple of doors ’bout hit me in the face as some young, and not so young, bucks went through them before me. I bet you can guess which one was the more pleasant.

Dads, I commend you for teaching your children to be honorable, respectful and responsible. I’m thankful for those of you who are not only teaching your children to open doors, you are doing so with an open door policy of your own. In other words you are talking with your kids, you are listening to your kids and you are showing them by your example what it means to be a man, a dad, a husband and a father.

So to you, dads, I tip my hat (figuratively anyhow), and say “thank you.” Keep up the good work and thanks for making your mommas, your daddies, your children and some random non face-smacked-by-a-door ladies very proud.

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