The Initiative Initiative–Mama Mia Monday

artwork courtesy of rethink group and 252basics

Mama Mia!
I had a little breakdown today.
It was short, sweet and to the point.

Well, let me explain. It’s almost VBS week. For those of you in the church, those words say it all. There’s some good, godly pressure goin’ on as last minute details are taken care of and the calls come rolling in from those who were going to help but can’t and those who weren’t going to help and still aren’t! (Just kidding)

Today I was told that someone wasn’t helping because no one had asked them yet. (Can I share the fact that it’s been in our bulletin, FB page, in the local newspaper, on a light up bulletin board, displayed with a banner over the sign up area in the church, and announced from the pulpit along with Tshirt give aways) So anyway, I had a slight Mentos and Diet Coke moment–y’know–exploding for a second or two but then the show’s all over–before settling back into work.

But Mamas, as my friend Tiphani would say, “Here’s the thing.”

As our children grow and we are packing up virtues into their lives, we need to be sure initiative gets into the suitcase.

Seriously, we need to take the initiative to train our children to have initiative. Something I like to call the “initiative initiative.” Now I have to say that I’m more than certain that this person’s parents taught them this virtue, yet somehow it slipped through the cracks this time.
But still I was reminded how important initiative is in our lives.

The curriculum we use at church describes initiative as “seeing what needs to be done and doing it.” Not “seeing what needs to be done and letting it stay undone until someone asks you to do it.” Or “seeing what needs to be done and hoping someone else will do it.” Or. . . well, anyway, you get the picture.

Too often we refuse to step up and help because no one asked us. We expect or assume someone else will do what needs to be done, or maybe it’s that we just don’t care enough to help someone else who is in need. Ouch! That last one hurts me sometimes.

Hey, now! I’m not just talking about helping out at church. It could mean helping out with household chores, putting away a lost buggy in the parking lot at the grocery store, sending a card, carrying the equipment bag at ball practice, visiting someone who is sick or lonely or stepping up at work to help where it’s needed. . . before you are asked.

Seeing what needs to be done, and doing it. That’s initiative, and it’s sorely needed. In showing initiative, we look different than the world. In showing initiative, we show the world what Jesus looked like when he saw what needed to be done and did it–for us.

Mama Mia! Powerful stuff that initiative. So take the “initiative initiative.” Ask God what He needs you to see that needs to be done to help someone else see Him!

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