5 Ways to Use Shot Glasses with Your PreK Kids–Tiny Tot Tuesday

shot glasses

Yeah, shot glasses. Yeah, preschoolers. Genius! Wish I would have thought of it.

Hats off to the incredible Ms Diane, one of my amazing preschool leaders at church. Diane introduced me to the wonder of the disposable shot glass last year during VBS. I love how something that is really made for another purpose can be “repurposed”, so to speak, for use in our preschool classes to help kids learn about Jesus.

So here they are. Our top 5 ways to use shot glasses with our preschool students.

1–Glue. They are perfect. Just pour a little of the old Elmer’s in there and let the tiny tots go at it. Even if they spill, no big deal.

2–Paint. Same principle as above. A little bit goes a long way, and when you paint with cotton swabs, there is almost no mess.

3–Scoops. You can use them with sand, water or rice tables. They are just the right size for little hands and they will scoop and dig for what seems like forever.

4–Craft containers. Shot glasses are great to hold things like gems, little rocks, pony beads and more. Little kids love getting their own little container of craft supplies for the items they need.

5–Play. Children love to stack them, sort them, match them, and yes, even drink out of them. . . for a child with imagination, the sky’s the limit.

For just about a buck, you can get 20-24 of these little guys in all kinds of assorted colors. I hope you and your tiny tots will enjoy hours of fun and maybe even less mess as you play, create and explore together.

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