My-Oh-My-Ley (Tiny Tot Tuesday)

Normally on any given Tuesday, I would be blogging about preschool songs, preschool crafts, and preschool home or teaching ideas. Not today. Yesterday I wanted oh-so-much to do a Mama Mia Monday about Ms Miley and the “show” she put on at the VMAs. (No, I didn’t watch it, but it was all over the news.) I think I was still in shock; not about Miley Cyrus and the VMA’s, but that this is the first real time we’ve really gotten our panties in a wad about her.

I’m sure I will address that at another time. But for today, for the parents, grandparents and care givers of our tiny tots, I want to encourage you in two ways.

Number One–WAKE UP!!!! Seriously WAKE UP!!!! We cannot continue to feed our tiny tots from the table of entertainment and think they are not going to be influenced by it. “Just say No!” to the Disney channel, Nickelodeon or whatever the flavor of the month is. Quit making Miley, Justin, and Selena your children’s heroes when they are still in preschool. Quit taking your 8 year olds to concerts. Find better heroes for your kids. They are out there.

Stop trying to do what you can to help your child become the next Miley, Justin, or Selena. For the life of me I cannot grasp, why, when we see what happens to children involved in the entertainment industry do we continue to try to do all we can to see our children become a part of that, and to make these children our children’s idols. (Um, they are called “idols” for a reason!) Maybe you don’t want your child to be a star in Hollywood, but you do want them to be a star in elementary school–coolest clothes, coolest hair, coolest activities. It’s self centered, and it’s very, very dangerous.


Number Two–STAY STRONG!!! For those of you who already feel like you are swimming upstream, and your child is only three, don’t give up and don’t give in. Keep living out Proverbs 3:4-5 and keep Proverbs 14:12 in mind. Continue to measure what you see by what God’s Word says. We just finished teaching our elementary students that God’s word is our plumb line, and we now have a plumb line hanging in our classroom to remind them to make their choices based on God’s Word. Keep the end in mind; keep your child’s heart, not just their immediate happiness, in mind, and keep God in mind.

proverbs345 final

One of the crazy things to me in all of this is why weren’t we in an uproar when the “We Can’t Stop” song came out? Have you read the lyrics? Have you seen the video?

Why weren’t we upset when the birdcage came out?

Why aren’t we upset that Lady Gaga was on stage in her underwear? Or with all the other things she’s done? How did that all the sudden become okay? Because, we’ve now decided that at least she wasn’t as bad as Miley?

Why is it that every time we are upset about someone “crossing the lines,” do we continue to go back to the table for more?

And why, oh why, were so many children watching this in the first place? And why, oh why, were their parents??

Whether we admit it or not, we like it. These are our heroes. They are our idols. They are what we spend our time and money on, and they are who we have given our hearts to.

And for the sake of our tiny tots, we need to stop and put a little–or a lot–of Philippians 4:8 into our lives.


Romans 1:32 says, “Although they knew God’s righteous decrees that those who do these things (sexual immorality, envy, greed, murder, strife, gossip, slander, hating God, insolent, arrogant, boastful. . . .) deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things, but also approve of those who practice them.”

“We do what we want.
We say what we want. . . and
We can’t stop, and
We won’t stop.”


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